Saturday, September 15, 2007

Don't waste your life

At what age does a life become a 'good life' lived. Was it a 'good' life if the person lived to be one hundred but didn't find God or use his life to glorify God?

Isabel lived for 30 minutes or so. Was her life 'a shame' or 'wasted' because it was so short? If in those 30 minutes, she accomplished the purposes God had for her life, then wasn't her life perfectly beautiful?

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Sarah said...

Yes! Her life *was* perfectly beautiful.

Her life and your story will touch countless lives through your loving written testimony to Isabel's life. How many grieving mothers will be comforted by reading your words and being reassured that they are not alone in their feelings? How many people might read your blog and think about God and consider salvation, who might not have otherwise? We'll never know on this side of Heaven.