Sunday, September 23, 2007

Is there something we can do?

I hear this quite a bit. Not as much anymore, but I do occasionally. I decided to put a donation button on the sidebar for those people who feel they want to do something.

Our biggest tangible need now is to pay for Isabel's headstone or what they call a 'marker'. I guess this sounds less morbid. They're pretty expensive, not something you plan for. Insurance doesn't cover it. We want to order a very small one that is like my grandma's baby who died. It's pictured above. It's 10" x 10". The cost is about $1000.

I hope no one feels pressured or anything, it's just a need. I know it will get taken care of eventually and I'm not too stressed about it. I set up a paypal account just for Isabel's marker. And once it gets paid for and ordered, I will remove the button. I just wanted to explain why it is there.

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